Past emotions, traumatic events and even stress can leave imprints in your body.  These energies can linger for years, building upon each other to cause actual blockages in your energy meridians.  When this happens you can experience mental and physical pain because your energy is not flowing properly through your body.  


Often these negative energies can gather near your heart and cause us to shut off our feelings and emotions.  These restrictions limit our ability to give and receive the love that we all need to survivie.  Our defense mechanism is to protect ourselves from emotional pain by turning off our emotions completely and rendering us no longer able to feel love and experience joy.  

Let me help you clear the blockages from the past and open your heart and mind to love once again.  Let me help you release the emotional bonds that are keeping your joy for life hostage and allow yourself the freedom to love and be loved.  Your physical and mental bodies will love your for it.  


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Your physical and mental bodies will love your for it.  Freeing your heart will help with : 


  •  Finding Love

  •  Accepting Love  

  •  Self Love

  •  Depression

  •  Anxiety

  •  Chronic Pain

  •  Disease

  •  Addictions

  •  Panic Attacks

  •  Phobias

  •  Loving Life Again