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I am Katherine Leo, a certified Transformational Life Coach and Energy Healer.  My passion is helping

others realize their full potential and purpose.  I hold a BA in Business Management and Marketing, and a PHR Certificate from my Human Resources career.


During my time in the corporate world, I realized my love for mentoring, which has been with me my entire life. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws, which I practice daily and love to study. It is through this awareness that I began to walk with passion and purpose, and opened myself to the possibility of creating a different mindset, which in return could create a different world. 


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"We are like light houses...

beacons for others to find as we shine.

Only if they are looking, will they see"

Katherine Leo

My journey brought me opportunities and connections to unleash my true passion which is to help others heal and connect with Spirit.  It was inevitable that my path would lead me to Coaching and Network Marketing, where the only way to achieve your goal is to empower others to fulfill theirs.


I evolved from an everyday girl to an extraordinary woman by helping others obtain a better life.  I'm a Wealth & Wellness Ambassador sharing Hemp Health.  I became a Reiki Practitioner which lead me to seek other alternative ways of healing, which I use in my practice. I help you connect with your entire being...Body, Mind & Spirit! I offer solutions to traditional medicine using CBD and other ancient herbs to help balance chi and obtain optimal health.  I'm educator with Master Mind University (MMU), an online metaphysical university where I teach positive self-talk, meditation and offer energy healing.  I am on the advisory board and creative team for The Master Shift.  


I LOVE to help people transform their lives.  I ASPIRE to INSPIRE… one person at a time.


Love & Light,


Katherine Leo

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